How do I cancel my Digital Access Membership?

Updated: 06/22/2021
Article #: 53

To access your account you will need to have the email address associated with your Digital Access Membership.

Launch the website and enter your email address followed by the "Email My Secure Link" button


You will receive an email with a secure link to your account.  Click "Visit My Account," in the email.  This link will take you directly to a list of your active Digital Access Memberships in your account. 

Click the "Entertainment Digital" or "View Details".

Click "Cancel Mobile App Membership". If you are sure you want to cancel your Digital Access Membership click "Cancel Mobile App Membership”. 


On the next page, click "Cancel Membership" if you would still like to cancel your Digital Access Membership.


On the next screen please select a reason for canceling your Digital Access Membership from the drop down list and then click the button on the left that reads, "Cancel membership. I don't want great savings."


Cancellation will be verified via email.  Future billing will be cancelled and your access to online and mobile savings will expire on the billing date that was listed.  You can continue to use online and mobile offers through the remainder of your paid term.


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